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Being an artist or music producer these days isn't easy. You're expected to hustle and promote yourself, distribute your own brand and music and at the same time be a technical wiz to get that high-end professional studio sound. Sound familiar?

The truth is not everyone has the time, patience and money to invest into learning the latest and greatest mixing and mastering techniques and building up an expensive array of home recording hardware and software. Even if you do, it takes years of practice to become proficient at engineering techniques and often you'll just end up frustrated when your sound falls off compared with other music industry releases. Sometimes all it might take is a fresh pair of ears to get you sounding right. And guess what? Record labels, managers, A&Rs and your listeners are increasingly demanding a professional sound. Don't get left behind!
We know what we do
At Diamond Style we have a dedicated team of professional in-house and studio based engineers that want to help YOU to get the sound your songs and beats deserve and elevate your music to the next level. They've worked on numerous major releases and have applied the same knowledge and skills to tracks by hundreds of independent artists to date… and soon yours too?

We have the most competitive rates available anywhere, including bulk discounts, and are much more affordable than your average studio while delivering the highest quality results.
Mixing & Mastering Samples
We've successfully completed more than 327 orders. Below are a few examples of tracks that we have mixed and mastered
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Choose one of the packages above and click 'Get Started' button, then choose the number of tracks/beats you want us to mix and/or master.
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We will contact you with a link to upload your beat and/or vocal tracks to our Server, (ideally in 24-Bit WAV format). Make sure all tracks start at 0:00 and have clear labels
(e.g. "Intro", "Verse 1")
Receive your track
You will receive your mixed and mastered tracks delivered to your email within 2-7 days depending on the size of the project
Frequently Asked Questions
Which package is right for me?
It depends on what you are trying to achieve and what you want to get out of your finished track. If you have already done a great preliminary mixing job and/or are just looking for an instant quality boost to fine-tune your track for a mixtape or demo release, then a standard master will be sufficient. If you want to achieve the highest audio quality and/or will be releasing a distributed album or single then a full mix and master makes sense.
Do you have discounts on multiple songs or entire albums?
Yes, we offer special bulk discounts which will show up when you click the Get Started button for any mixing and mastering package above.
Am I going to sound like my favourite artist on the radio?
We will make you sound as professional as possible using high-end equipment and techniques used by all industry artists. If you have a request for our mixing and mastering to emulate a particular sound you can let us know in the notes on the file upload page.
Do you do radio edits?
Yes, radio edits including the removal of curse words are available upon request.
Do you offer vocal tuning?
Yes, you can request for us to tune your vocals when you are entering your notes on the file upload page.
How many revisions do I get?
Within reason, there is no limit on the number of revisions you can request.
Do I have to use songs with Diamond Style beats?
No, our engineers will work with songs recorded on any beats.
I'm a producer, can I have my beat mixed and mastered?
Yes absolutely, select the Beat Mixing and Mastering package above, on the far right. Having a professionally mixed and mastered beat can turn an average beat into a top-selling banger instantly.
How do I send the files?
After purchasing a package you will be able to upload your files directly to our server.
How long do I have to download my files?
We keep backups of everything, your links will not expire.
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